Is there a god? This has been a question asked throughout the ages. Ask different people, and you will receive different answers. Religious beliefs are quite diverse, and everybody seems to have their own opinion regarding it, some even feel their view is so important, that they absolutely must wake you up every saturday morning just to tell you about it.

So, while the question has been asked more times than I can count, no real answer has ever been provided. Sure, you may feel you have given the real answer, but so does everyone else with different religious beliefs. Fact of the matter is, there has never been any scientific proof that there is or is not a god. Simply faith, trust and common logic.

Until now apparently!

Seems Google, being the powerhouse that it is, might have caught a glimpse of our heavenly father on street view. At least, that’s the buzz on the internet. I provided the link to the “Glimpse” in question just in case you wanted to check it out for yourself. However, since google street view does occasionally update their pictures, and because some people are too lazy to click a link, I will also post a screenshot here for you to see.

Is it god? The mother ship of an invading alien armada? It could be I suppose, It could also be a blurred image of a bird, or something else as the google car is driving along snapping its photos. However, it could also be a blurred photo of Superman! Yea, that’s what I think. Superman. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Update! Since the image of “God” is visible even while in the tunnel, and the fact that the top portion of the street view is tinted in a reddish hue, I am going to speculate that the vision of god found on street view, is nothing more than a squashed bug! As much as I would like for it to be Superman, or the mothership of an invading alien force, I think it’s more reasonable to assume it to be a simple bug splattering.

I guess the world will have to go back to looking for the face of jesus in burnt toast slices and not so much in Google Street View. Still, it was amusing and fun while it lasted!


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