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I was reading through old news sites, and came across a little story about this norwegian woman who was convicted of raping a man, by performing fellatio on him while he slept. I hate when this happens, so I feel for the violated fella. I’ll let you read the story yourself if you want.

Woman Convicted of Rape!

Now in my opinion, the best part is at the end, on the second page, where the writer gives you his take on the story. The part where he writes, and I quote.

My Take: Good for Norway. What’s wrong is wrong. Raping a woman isn’t funny (as readers of the Pipe Dream will tell you) and sexually violating a man isn’t something to blow off as “nothing serious.”

Now you’ll have to excuse me and my Beavis & Butthead moment here, but heheheh he said Blow.

  1. michellefrommadison says:

    Why is that not a death penalty crime?

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