Batman: Arkham Asylum – Review

Posted: October 8, 2010 in Gaming
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Batman: Arkham Asylum

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The game Batman: Arkham Asylum has been out for a good while, not just a few months mind you, but a good couple years. You might now be wondering, Why has it taken me this long to review the game then. Well, the answer is simple; I hadn’t played it, nor did I have any intention of ever playing it. I just don’t usually play Batman games, primarily due to the curse that plagues Batman titles.

The reason I changed my mind on playing and reviewing the game? You see, at the time, I was under the impression that DC Universe Online was going to be released at the beginning of next month. So, I decided that in order to get ready for it, I would play through some games based on DC characters, however I would stick to current gen game consoles only. I started with Batman: Arkham Asylum, not because I had high hopes for the game, but because it was dirt cheap in the bargain bin of the local game store.

I brought the game home, and began playing. To my surprise, the game looked gorgeous, with fantastic voice acting. I was intrigued. I was surprisingly interested. In fact, I was so interested, that even after the DCUO delay was announced, I still continued to play.

The best part of the game, was the controls. It’s been a long time, since I have been able to play a game, and adapt to controls so easily. Plus, the fluid combat moves were incredible, and added to the realism, all the moves batman made while fighting, gave the appearance of a complex control setup, but kept it all very simple and easy to use.

Another aspect that I enjoyed was the voice acting, as mentioned earlier. The voices fit the characters, especially Mark Hamill who voices the joker. All the characters however have voice actors, perfect for their character that really brings them to life! Which is saying a lot, especially sue to the amount of characters in this game.

I loved everything about the game to be honest. Sure, the story was kind of cheesy and over the top, but that’s part of the charm of DC comics. Everything is unbelievable.

So, it looks like the Batman curse has been broken, and I am now eagerly looking forward to Batman: Arkham City!


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