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Are you familiar with the term ReBoot in terms of film franchises? Some people might not be, so a quick explanation and examples will be given. A reboot, is when a film franchise either grows stale, or just runs out of material, or just received bad reviews. The idea is, if instead of doing a sequel, they just start over again, and hope they can re-write everything from scratch. They can use old characters that might not be alive in the previous version. Personally, I am not a fan of film reboots, but whatever!

Some examples of ReBoots in films:
Batman was Rebooted and called Batman Begins.
The Karate Kid was Rebooted and called The Karate Kid,
HULK was Rebooted and called The incredible Hulk.
James Bond got a reboot called Casino Royale
Classic horror films like Halloween, Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm St. all got rebooted.

The point of this post? The point is, there’s two upcoming Reboots, that I am really not Excited about. I think one has been rebooted ENOUGH and the other, I think should continue along the same path it has been, and if need be, just recast. Films Recast different actors in their role all the time. How many batmen were there before the reboot? like, 4 or so? How many James bonds before the reboot? Can’t even begin counting!

The first film is “The Punisher“, and this ticks me off because it’s already been rebooted. Not once, but twice! Is three times really necessary? I don’t think it is. Either continue along a path, or just give up on the punisher flicks all together.

The second film is Spider-Man. Sure, it had a good run! Three kick ass films, and I was looking forward to a fourth, but that’s now Not going to happen. The films getting a reboot, so will be starting from scratch with a new actor, who has never had the experiences as the peter parker from the previous three films. Yea, I know it gets complicated.

So, yea. Basically I am not a huge fan of Reboots.


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