Cover of "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventur...

Cover of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure


 Back in the 80’s they released a movie about teenage time travelers. No, I am not talking about back to the future! I am referring to Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, which starred Keanu Reeves in one of his earlier roles. Unlike the DeLorean from back to the future, Bill & Ted used a phone booth, kinda like the TARDIS but nowhere near as cool looking, and definitely not as roomy.

The movie centered around 2 highschool losers, who needed to pass a history test so they could perform at a music event. To ensure this happened, a Time traveler came back in his phone booth, and took the kids out on a journey through time. All so they could pass their history test. The premise sounds extremely stupid, I agree. However, the movie developed quite a large cult following, and even spawned a sequel, as well as a comic book series, An animated series, as well as a short-lived television series despite the films sheer stupidity.

That was then, and thankfully the world moved on. Bill & Ted is perhaps the worst film franchise in the history of bad film franchises. It basically, is a film better left to rot in the past. Forgotten for all eternity. Will that happen though? Hell no! Apparently, they are in development of Bill & Ted 3. Seriously, a third film after this long? It’s not even a reboot, it’s part three! They actually want to continue the so-called story, and not just recreate it to make it less lame.

  1. Redhead says:

    😡 Bill & Ted 3? totally not cool.

    the original was epic because it was pure awesome, it took place once upon a time when you couldn’t just wiki historical dead dudes on your i-phone after texting your stepMilf.

    and what, is it going to star Bill & Ted’s sons, who are the next generation of Wyld Stallions, making awesome electronica 80’s music that brings the planets into alignment?

    bogus. 😉

    • shaide says:

      Not sure what the premise is going to be. Everything is really hush-hush. Only thing I know for certain, is that it will have alex winter and Keanu Reeves, and thankfully they aren’t going to recast rufus. After all, nobody could handle the role like George Carlin anyway.

      Could it be the kids? I see Wyld Pwnies as a possible idea. Although, in all fairness, since winters and Reeves are in their 50’s, Their children would be on the older side, depending on when they had their kids I guess. If they wait a few more years, it could center on their grandkids.

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