Logo used for Rockstar Games's Grand Theft IV.

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So, I was sitting here, trying to decide on an MMO to try that I haven’t yet tried. After careful consideration I decided to give the game called APB a shot. I looked around at my favorite online stores, and couldn’t find it anywhere! I knew something was up, because it’s not like I could be misspelling the name.

After digging around, I decide to try to find the games website, assuming that maybe the game for some reason is only available for purchase through their store. To my amazement, their website was also gone! Curiouser and curiouser I thought.

After even more hunting around the internet, I discovered that APB had closed it’s doors! That’s right, the game had shut down. Now, the fact that it shut down isn’t the odd part. I mean, MMOs do have a habit of shutting down, especially the way the economy is these days. What is surprising however is how quickly the game closed down! After only being open for 3 months, they decided to call it quits.

You read that right! Three Months! APB now as far as I know, has the distinction of being the shortest lived MMO in gaming history, so congratulations on that!

I guess I will just have to stick to GTA IV in free roam mode.


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