Wisest of the wise

Posted: September 17, 2010 in All about ME!
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I have decided today that I am a “Wiseman”.

Mock me if you will, but it’s true! As of today I am a self-proclaimed Wiseman. Like Confucius before me, I can toss out words of wisdom that will make all stop and think.

Here are just a few of my words of wisdom..You too will come to know the wisdom that is “Shaideism”.

“He who makes his dwelling within the trees, should not own a lawnmowers.”

“He who has no home in which to live should not buy wall hangings.”

“Those who live in Grass Huts should not have a goat for a pet.”

“People with no phone, have no right to change long distance carriers.”

See? I’m full of wisdom..Thus I am now a Wiseman. Now, being a Wiseman entitles me to certain rights. Like, I can now sit in many different poses..like, with my finger pressed against my lips, or my forehead resting in my palm. Why do that you might be wondering? The answer is simple! We do it because these are “Wiseman poses”! When us Wiseman go into a train of thought we strike one of these poses, that’s just how things are done you see!

So see? it’s really nifty to be wise!


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