The Walking Dead TV series!

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Comics, Tv is good
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A new Television series is getting ready to come on the air. The TV show is called “The Walking Dead“, and as I am sure you were able to figure out, it is a show dealing with the zombie apocolypse! Not the zombie aspect of it mind you, but from the survivors perspective.

Now, if you are anything like me, then the title of this new series may sound familiar to you. Which it should, because it’s based on a Black & White comic book published by Image Comics, of the same name.

Personally, I loved the comic! It was one of my favorite comic book series. In fact, it ranked right up there with 100 bullets, Y: The last man, Preacher and Punisher. Yea, it’s just that good!

Enough about the comic though, the point is the new series! Now, the series is on AMC, which did come as a surprise to me, becase I honestly did not even know AMC made TV shows! Apprently however they do, and this new series is one of them.

So when is this show set to air? I will give you a clue. Sometime in the month of October. Right! You guessed it! Halloween, october 31st! Having it start on Halloween, considering the premise, is a great idea! Although, if you live in a house that get’s a lot of trick-or-teaters, then you might find yourself missing a lot as you get up and down to answer the door.

Will the show last and become a huge hit? Well, I really do hope so! However, I doubt it will last and/or become a TV hit. Why? Well, it’s on AMC! People don’t normally go scanning AMC for new Fall TV shows to watch! Perhaps though they should start? I know from now on AMC is getting checked by me for new shows!


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