Mojave Desert scene in Joshua Tree National Park.

Image via Wikipedia

Well, summer is nearly over. I am pretty sure I will end up surviving it this year. Next year however? Well, that’s a different story.

Anyway, the summer hasn’t been that bad this year! Sure, it’s been hotter than those nice coastal cities, but in comparison to previous years? Not bad at all! In fact, I dare say it had been tolerable. Please note that I did say “Had”, as in past tense.

Apparently, before the summer does fade away, the season decided to whack us with a heat-wave. Not just any heat-wave either mind you! It’s the hottest heat-wave on record! I am honestly surprised that there is life here in the small desert town! Why aren’t people just bursting into flames? I mean we are talking temps over 120 degrees! By all rights we should just be bursting into flames!

This heat wave has been attacking us for the past week or so, and the heat is constant! Even the night air hasn’t offered any breaks from the extreme heat. On the bright side however, according to the local news, this heat wave should be breaking tomorrow, and making way for cooler weather. So, obviously that’s something to look forward to, and I am sure it will work out just like that too, because as we all know; Weather forecasts are notoriously accurate and are never wrong.


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