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People make a lot of assumptions about me, because I live in California. Some of those assumptions are that I live on a beach, ama surfer dude, Enjoy constant beautiful weather, and am totally unphased when it comes to earthquakes. I will tell you right now, all of that is false!

I don’t live near the beach! In fact, I live in a desert. I couldn’t even tell you how far the closest beach is to me. In fact, chances are, anyone reading this blog entry is probably closer to a beach than I am! That also pretty much shoots down the Surfer dude theory huh?

Now, about the weather being perfect? Let me repeat once more: I live in a desert. There is no perfect weather, It’s either too hot, and in the triple digits, or too cold and below 0. Although, if truth be told, I prefer the “Too cold” part over the “Too Hot” one. Actually, I like the freezing temp part of desert life. The colder the better!

Lastly, when it comes to earthquakes, I don’t think many people are unphased. Sure, some are bothered by them more than others. However, when it’s all said and done, people know that no good can come from an earthquake. Even the smallest quake can take a life. A small tremor could cause someone to stumble and hit their head and die. All quakes, no matter how large or how small, are life threatening. So, am I bothered by earthquakes? You bet your sweet bippy, and to be honest, I would be worried about anyone who wasn’t bothered by quakes!

That being said however, there are many worse things in this world than earthquakes. I mean, let’s face it! I would rather face an earthquake than deal with a Tornado, Volcanic eruption, Hurricane or tsunami! Compared to most places, California has it easy in terms of natural disasters.


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