For those who might be interested, my blog has a new address. The URL is Yea, the URL you are on right now! Don’t worry about updating the URL in links or bookmarks, since the old web address will automatically forward here. So, you are all set!

Why did I choose such a cornball domain? Well, my online screen name is Shaide, and was already taken.

One thing you should know about me, is that I have been blogging for a VERY long time. This isn’t my first blog. In fact, I was blogging before the term “Blogging” was even used. Hell, back then there wasn’t even any of these fancy smancy content manager scripts like they have now. I had to update everything by hand by editing the HTML pages.

My first “Blog” was actually pretty much just a daily rant about any and everything. It was called “Timovision: The world through my eyes”. I did end up abandoning it though, because a game came out called “The Realm Online” and in case you weren’t aware, The Realm Online was the grandpappy of MMORPGs. It was one of, if not THE first of it’s kind. About a year after it came out, Ultima Online popped it’s head up, followed by Everquest. At anyrate, I was hooked on MMORPGs for awhile.

During my MMORPG gaming period, I ended up with the screen name Shaide. So, when I decided to reopen my blog, I got the domain and blogged for several years. However when my wife passed away, I ended up ignoring my blog, the domain expired and got bought up by one of those stupid search engines that go around buying up expired domains. So, obviously was no longer an option.

So I settled for after many days of trying to come up with a domain name.


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