Jennifer Aniston

Image by Lord_Henry via Flickr

Well, as I am sure many of your are probably aware, the media has stopped harping about Mel Gibson, or at least slowed down for a small while. Of course, that also means that the media has found something else to dig their nails into. Now, they have jumped on the celebrity bashing bandwagon with “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston.

Apparently while on Regis and Kelly, she used the “R-word”. Now, for those of you not in the know “R-word” means Retard. Apparently it’s very politically incorrect, and really shouldn’t be used. So, because she referred to herself as a retard, everyone just feels the need to jump down her throat. Forget the fact that until quite recently “Retard” was perfectly acceptable. It’s not even like she called anyone but herself a retard! Hell, Comedians say Retard on a daily basis, but nobody jumps down their throat!

You know what really irks me? People who are moaning and complaining about what she said are hypocrites! Seriously, I am willing to bet the majority of them has said something that a group of people find offensive, yet they have the nerve to rant and rave about what someone else said without thinking? Get over yourself people!

This whole Politically correct crap is just really getting out of hand. I mean seriously! You know what? I as of now find the word “fat” offensive! That’s right, it should now be referred to as the “Other F-word”. From now on I wish to be called Proportionately challenged American.


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