Next month is my birthday, and I have been toying with the idea of getting myself a present. Not something like a game, or a toaster, I am referring to a kick-ass kind of present! The kind of present nobody else would think to get me, and one that will keep on giving to the day that I die! So, what kind of present am I going on about already? The answer is simple: A new me.

Well, maybe not a full-blown “New Me”, but perhaps a Name Change. I think it would be interesting to have my name legally changed. It’s not overly expensive, in fact I think it’s only like a hundred and fifty bucks. However, I don’t know what kind of rules they have for legal name changes, so That’s something I would have to look into. The reason I am curious about rules is because I obviously wouldn’t want to change my name to something normal like “John Smith”. If I am going to plop down $150.00 then I want something unique, something that will make others go “Whaaat?”, Something like JACK ZOMBIEKILLER!

How kick-ass would that be? Phone rings, a woman calls me, asks “Is Debra there?” “Nope, you must have the wrong number.” “Oh, who is this?” “This? This is none other than Jack Zombiekiller!” Oh yea! Now that’s a name that would never get old, and that I would never get tired of. I would anxiously be waiting for someone to ask to see some form of ID so I can whip it out and be like; “The name’s Jack. Jack Zombiekiller!”


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