Reason for my hatred

Posted: July 12, 2010 in General
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It’s come to my attention, that I tend to constantly slam and belittle the Summer season, and some people might feel I do so unfairly. Afterall, many people love Summer. They think it’s one of the best seasons. So, what right do I have to ridicule it as much as I do? What reasons do I have to dislike this season? Is there a reason at all? The answer is yes! I have many reasons to dislike the season! To be fair, I will break the season down into Pros and Cons. Maybe then, you will see the summer through my eyes!

Reasons Why Summer sucks:
You sweat more.
Ice cream melts faster.
The friggin doorknob can burn your hand!
You enter the house, and it’s so hot, you cant help but wonder if there’s a fire.
The heat is so intense, it often times overpowers the coolness of the AC.
You burn your bum on a toilet seat.
Your feet get stuck in melted asphalt.
High electric bills due to A/C usage.
wild fires.
Heat strokes.
Thighs sticking to leather seats.
Things overheat more often.
It sucks to eat hot stuff when it’s hot when it’s warm out. which means lots of salads/sandwiches.

Reasons why summer is good:
Women tend to wear shorter skirts/dresses.

hmmmm, come to think of it. Maybe I was too hard on the seasons! Maybe, just maybe Summer isn’t so bad after all!


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