Tomorrow is Independence day here in America. It’s a day of hope, freedom, unity or something like that! I don’t know, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to have some kind of deep meaning. To me, it’s always just meant watching fireworks blow up in the sky.

That’s pretty much it!

To be honest, I’m not much of a July 4th fan! Sure, when I was a wee tyke, I used to look forward to it. In fact, I used to go around singing a made-up song about the coming holiday! It was such an exciting holiday, that the only holiday cooler than it, was Christmas. As a child though, how can you not love independence day? Going to the beach, sitting around on blankets in the sand, watching fireworks explode into a multitude of colored sparks. That was great!

However, time passed and I grew up. Now its lost spiffiness and I look at the holiday from a different view. I see it as a holiday with increased traffic accidents, increased fires and increased injuries. When looking at the “Holiday” from that perspective, it tends to lose its magic.

On top of all that, this year Independence day falls on a Sunday, a day when the U.S. mail doesn’t run. However, due to the fact that banks and the post office don’t get a day off on July 5th, they will be observing independence day on the 5th, so they can still get an extra day off. This doesn’t really make sense. They can’t celebrate it on the 5th! They aren’t going to go out and light fireworks yelling “Happy belated independence day!”, whatever! I just want my mail!


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