Alan Wake: First Impressions

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Gaming, xbox360
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Since I recently finished playing Red Dead Redemption, I decided to pop in Alan Wake and give it a play through. I am nowhere near finished with it, so this is just my first impressions of the game.

At first glance the game is gorgeous, with graphics are gorgeous and the acting isn’t half bad! The basic idea of the game is that you play Alan Wake, a writer who happens to be on vacation. During this vacation his wife is kidnapped and to top it off, monsters are popping up, that seems to be based on a manuscript that he doesn’t even remember writing!

The game is basically a survival horror game and is heavily inspired by television shows. You know, those serial shows that are all over the place right now, especially on the CW on ABC? So, yea! It’s like you are playing one of those. The game is even split up into episodes, complete with the “Previously on Alan Wake” at the beginning of each episode.

The graphics are superb, the acting is good, the idea is top notch! Hell, I even like the game being split into episodes! So, perfect game right? Wrong! As great as all these aspects are the game is just poorly executed! The controls are bad, the game can be almost frustrating enough to make you want to yank your hair out by the roots.

I really want to like this game! From what I have played so far, other that poor execution and bad controls the game is delight to play. I have even found myself screaming like a little sissy girl on a few occasions.

Perhaps everything will work it’s self out in the end, As I said I am not very far into the game. Only episode 3 as a matter of fact, and while I am unsure of how many episodes exist in the game, I am fairly certain it’s more than 3!


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