Summer approaches..

Posted: May 31, 2010 in All about ME!
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Summer is drawing closer and closer. I dread it’s arrival. I am really not a huge fan of the season. In fact, I will go as far as saying that I hate it. Maybe I detest it so much because I live in a damn desert? Yea, that’s probably why. The heat gets unbearable, and we have several heat related deaths. Which is a horrible way to go! Not that there’s really a good way to go, but you get my meaning.

On t the bright side though, we have actually had a very nice Spring. Usually we don’t have a spring. We have winter and then when the rest of the world is enjoying their spring, we are hit with 100 degree summer heat. This year was different though! In fact, I actually enjoyed the spring! Wasn’t too hot, wasn’t too cold. Lots of rain. It was perfect! Although, that should be coming to a crashing halt this week! According to our local news, the heat will gradually be increasing and toward the end of the week, we will be stuck with summer heat.

I can’t wait for Fall!


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