Nintendo recently Released a new Shiny black Wii console. This new console also comes with something called Resort, which is ANOTHER sports package. I do kinda miss the days when Nintendo used to include mario titles with their consoles.

Anyway, I did sit down and play on this new console. Before this I had never played with a Wii, but used to be a HUGE Nintendo fan-boy. So, I was looking forward to it.

I got the system hooked up, the hookup and set-up process did take a while, but this was through no fault of the game console. After finally getting it all set up, I popped in a game and started playing.

I played for approximately 2 hours.

Here’s the bottom line. The game console sucks! I mean, I am not going to sugar coat it. It stinks. At least in my opinion. Granted, I am aware that everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but come on! The game systems horrible!

Where to begin? First, I am getting SO sick and tired of Nintendo trying to make creative controls and interfaces. People don’t REALLY need a dual screen, or a stylus for their portable game systems, and they SURE as hell don’t need to be waving their arms around like a madman when trying to play on a home console. Just give me action buttons and a directional stick/pad or two and I am happy. It’s something EVERYONE is familiar with. Does Nintendo do this though? No! They try to become creative and artsy and again, in my opinion it makes the game consoles suck.

Now, moving on to the graphics. What the hell?! This is a now-gen console? There are games on the PS2 and original Xbox that looks better than the graphics being poured out of the Wii! I’m not saying all games on the Wii look bad. Not at all, there’s a few titles out that make you go “Ah! Now this is Now-gen!” but in most cases? That’s not going to happen. In most cases, the graphics are horrible.

What else could possibly suck about this system? Well, to begin with, all it does is play Games. I know, it’s a game system! That’s kinda what it’s supposed to do, but come on! This is the age of next-gen game consoles! Consoles don’t just play games! They do everything! 360 plays DVDs, has an easy to use twitter and Facebook interface. PS3 plays Blu-Ray, and probably has similar twitter and Facebook applications.. The Wii doesn’t do ANYTHING aside from playing games.

Well, it DOES have a little Opera Internet browser you can download, thus allowing you to surf the web from the comfort of your own TV, but that’s not all that spiffy. The PS3 does that too! Plus the PS3 allows you to watch Blu-Ray, and play games with good graphics.

Ok, there are SOME upsides to the Wii. It’s not ALL bad. The Wii will allow you to watch Netflix View instantly movies on your TV. Which is a handy feature, but the thing is in order to use this feature, you need to have Netflix send you a “Netflix disc” which stick in your Wii and presto! You can watch their view instantly movies through your Wii.

Keep in mind though, the PS3 and the 360 both allow you to watch Netflix View instantly movies as well, plus those consoles don’t require you to wait on a disc to be mailed to you before you start using the service.

All in all, I truly believe the Wii is a failure. The cost is the same as a 360, and for a hundred more bucks, you can get a PS3. Both consoles completely overshadow the Wii. Both in features and performance. I would SERIOUSLY suggest you look at other game systems before you run out and get a Wii. Yes, the controls are novel and unique. However, Unique doesn’t always mean good. It just means nobody else has done it before, and to be honest, there might be a good reason why nobody has done it before!

My how the mighty have fallen. Nintendo used to be great! I’m not sure what happened.


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