Third Season of Jericho?!

Posted: May 21, 2010 in Comics, Tv is good
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Over the years I have had many favorite shows. Everything from Recent shows like Big Bang Theory, to not-so recent shows like Soap. In between those shows, is a Television series that I absolutely adored. It was called Jericho, and unfortunately it wasn’t long-lived. In fact, it was cancelled after the first season, but due to a fan write-in campaign that involved a whole lot of nuts, the show was brought back for a second season.

Still, the ratings just weren’t good enough to keep the show running, and like before the network decided to pull it, and again the fans cried out. This time however, the network wasn’t giving in, and the show remained cancelled after only 2 seasons.

That is until now.

Apparently Jericho is back for a THIRD season! However not in the form that we are used to. The third season of Jericho apparently is being done in comic book form. The series is scheduled for a 6 issue release, and apparently is already up to issue number 3! So, it’s halfway through the third season.

I am excited about this, since not only am I a loyal Jericho fan, But I am also a die-hard Comic book collector! However living in a small town like I do, means it’s difficult to get ahold of comics. We don’t have a comic book store, or a Comic vendor in general. So, I need to make my way over to our nearest “Big city”, and get to a comic book store and see if I can pick me up the issues that are currently out.

Wish me luck!


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