Friggin’ Bob!

Posted: May 3, 2010 in WWW and beyond!
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You know what I hate? I mean really hate? I’ll give you an example of what just happened a mere 10 seconds ago..

I went to this personal homepage, which for argument’s sake we shall call “Bob’s personal homepage” which consisted of him saying hello to all his friends, a friend list, a guest book, a buttload of links including a link to some IRC room he hangs out in and a lot of family photos. Not to mention the ability to apply for his “Award of Internet excellence”! Now, all this is fine and good, I think everyone on the web should have a homepage or a Blog of some Sort.

That being said however wasn’t all that had added to his homepage, and this is what I had a problem with! You see, When I entered his Page I was greeted with a dialog box asking if I want to make Bobs homepage my start page. Now, I’m sure Bob is a great person and all, and I’m sure his friends and family are all very nice as well, but nice or not I can’t think of many people who would want to make a personal homepage their start page.

I mean, despite Bobs niceness, I don’t want to visit him the first thing I do when I get online. What’s worse, is that this isn’t the first homepage I have seen that does this, and it bugs me! I don’t know why, it just does. I mean, that would be like me setting it up so it asks you if you want my blog as your startup page. It’s absurd! Although if you really want to make my blog your start up page, feel free to do it manually. No complaints here! 😀


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