Final Fantasy 13 First impressions

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Gaming
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[Square Enix Presents: Final Fantasy 13]I have been looking forward to the release of Final Fantasy XIII for a while now, and when it came out I purchased it. It took me awhile to play it, what with my recent 360 issues and everything. Not to mention the masses of other games that were in line before it.

However, I have now gotten a chance to play it, and while I am not very far into the game, I am so far Very unimpressed! I mean, the graphics are incredible, there’s no denying that. Just that the story as well as the characters are lacking. The story is boring, the characters are laughable. Even during dramatic moments, I can’t help but laugh due to the characters reactions.

Maybe I am being too hard on the game. I mean, I used to love the series, but in all honesty I believe my tastes have changed. I am more interested in western RPGs than Eastern ones. However, back in the day, my opinion was totally reversed.

So, taking into consideration my newfound taste in RPGs is it still blah inducing? I would have to say yes.  The characters are too cartoony, laughably so. The character designs are outlandish, the locals are incredibly unbelievable. The voice acting is just ridiculous. Plus, on top of all of that, I don’t feel like I am playing a game. There’s absolutely NO freedom.  I feel like, I am pretty much mashing the buttons on my gamepad during a movie. A really long boring movie. The kind of movie that makes Titanic seem short and exciting.

Granted, it’s been awhile since I have played a Final Fantasy game. The last one, actually was Final Fantasy X, however I don’t remember them being so bad! Basically, only get this game if you are a hard-core Final Fantasy fan. Otherwise, you might find yourself incredibly disappointed, and who knows, you might still be disappointed even if you are a hard-core fan.

  1. AssassinDX says:

    What chapter are you up to? While I agree with a lot of your points the game does open up considerably at the start of chapter 11, and leading up to the the relationships between characters and the overall development of each individual does gradually get more interesting.

    Eventually Final Fantasy XIII does get better for those reasons in my opinion, it’s just a shame it takes a lot of hours of basically walking forwards and mashing buttons to get to that point.

  2. shaide says:

    That maybe, as I am only up to the 9th chapter or so. However, most modern RPGs start out big. They throw you into excitement, into a world that appears to give you freedom. They offer you epic choices. Then as the game progresses, it gets either more linear or less options. The reason this is done is simple, they throw all the good stuff at you from the start to get you hooked. They have to do this, since a large portion of gamers tend to either rent titles or subscribe to gamefly.

    They want the player to be hooked and dragged into this game world kicking and screaming and unable to put their control down, so that the odds are greater that they will just go “Screw it! I gotta buy this!”

    So, when I play a game, not just an RPG, but any game, I always expect the best to be in the begining. Granted, that might not be the case with FFXIII. However, it shouldn’t take 3 hours of gameplay to get to the meaty part of the game. That’s just my two cents.

    I will also admit, that games like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Oblivion, Arx Fatalis, Gothic III, The Neverwinter Nights series and the KOTOR series has totally spoiled me with the ammount of freedom and options available, and I fully admit, that I might have become so spoiled that I have come to expect that level of immersion in all RPGs that I end up sinking my teeth into.

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