Brighter Days

Posted: April 30, 2010 in Gaming, xbox360
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A few days ago, I mentioned how my Xbox 360 took a dump on me, and then mentioned how this left me with a few options. Get a different console, or plunk down the cash for yet another 360 machine. I pondered and pondered, and tried to weigh the options to the best of my ability, then a thought crossed my mind! Why not put up a poll on my blog, and let my readers decide?!

I came very close to actually posting this poll by the way. I had it all written out, with 4 options. “Get a PS3!” “Stick with the devil you know. Go 360!” “Vote for the power of Wii!” and last but not least “None! Get a new hobby, like reading!”. I almost clicked the post button, then my head started doing that weird thing it does sometimes. You know, thinking.

So I thought, maybe it wouldn’t be a good idea to post the poll! Why’s that you ask? Well, the answer is simple. You might vote for the ps3 or the Wii! It hit me right then and there, how bad that would be, since in my opinion the Wii and the PS3 suck!

Let me re-phrase that before you fanboys start jumping down my throat. Those consoles suck for ME. I mean they are great systems! Just not for me, if that makes sense. The Wii is a great family machine, with unique and novel controls. The PS3 is a powerhouse. A sheer monster in the realm of gaming consoles. It’s like one of the best Blu-ray players on the market, it’s powerful and the last time I looked its online service was free, though im not sure if it’s STILL free.

However for me, the way to go was clearly the 360 again. Why is that? Well, because I own almost every 360 game out. It would be insane to just stuff em in a box, and rebuild my game collection from scratch on another console. Thought the PS3 was really tempting, and if it had more exclusive titles that were interesting to me, I probably would have went with it. However, as great as Resistance, Infamous and Uncharted 2 is, they just aren’t appealing to me!

So, I stuck with the devil I know. The xbox 360. It’s a good system, despite what hardcore ps3 fans claim. It’s such a good system, that when presented with the chance to go with a ps3, wii or 360…I made the same choice I made the first time I bought one, and the same choice I would most likely make again if it ever came down to it.


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