Bugging the Hell out of me

Posted: April 27, 2010 in All about ME!
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What are bugs? Well, by my definition bugs are “Creatures of exceeding bugginess”. This means, if it looks like a bug, smells like a bug and walks like a bug, then chances are it’s a bug!

The bug family is quite large and includes, but is in no way limited to Spiders, Ants, Bees, Wasps, Centipedes, Mantis, Flies, Slugs and so forth! However Rats, Mice and Snakes do NOT fall into the bug category of course! That would be silly. no, they have their own family quite simply called “Beasts of hell”.

However, I really hate bugs. I hate the way they look and the fact that they have a habit of just marching into our homes like they own the place! Plus There’s also the fact that a large number of bugs bite, Which is not good!

I despise bugs so much, that I pay an exterminator to come down here on a regular basis and spray around the whole house. The idea is to kill the bugs, on the outside before they have a chance of moving into the house. Great in theory right? However, I am guessing that my exterminator is just spraying water, or more likely bug food, Because there seem to be MORE bugs now, than before I hired him!

Last night for example, Ants declared all out war on my house! I mean, seriously, it’s insane! They were going after everything, and by everything I really do mean EVERTHING! They were in the washer, Trying to eat the soap in the shower, They were going after my toothbrush and toothpaste! I mean, they were going after anything!!

If the bug-man was spraying ANY form of real bug spray around here, I honestly don’t think there should have been any ants in this area at all! Yet they here they are! Wiggling antennae and buggy eyes and everything. So, quite frankly I am ticked off! Apparently my bug-man isn’t doing what I am paying him to do, and when he comes by for the next spraying, I am gonna have a talk with him.


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