[Xbox 360 with 4 red lights]Well, my Xbox 360 went and took a dump on me unfortunately. I’ve only had the system for a few years, which sucks considering I have had other systems for a lot longer. Hell, my Atari 2600 and commodore Vic 20 all still run fine! The 360 though? Apparently it’s not as tough as any other Gaming console that has existed in history. It’s a delicate shivering flower.

So, what’s wrong with it? Hell if I know. It’s screwed! Plain and simple. It started with the screen pixelating and the console it’s self freezing up, and then emitting this annoying and loud beep. I would have to reboot the system, and thought it was just a glitch, or some weird freeze up. After the third time, I began thinking to myself that things did not seem right. The next time it happened however the system didn’t freeze at all. In fact, it just never booted up, and the soothing green aura on the front of my 360 turned into 4 glowing red lights forming a circle.

That’s when I knew I was screwed. When I left the system there for awhile, and then turned it back on, It would begin to work, but just for a moment when it would begin pixelating, freezing and beeping at me once more!! So, in essence, best that I can tell, the Console is gone, dead and doomed. Which really stinks, considering I just ordered Final Fantasy XIII. It also sucks, because as I said earlier, the system is only a few years old, however it’s old enough to be off it’s warranty.

Yea, so the systems warranty is expired and it’s dead. This leaves me with 4 options. Those options are as follows.

1) Send the xbox 360 in for repairs. The problem with this is, it will cost 99 bucks. Plus I imagine shipping and handling, and that console is one heavy booger!

2) Just Drop kick the console into a trashcan and buy a new one. The problem with this one is, I don’t really have the cash at the moment, so will still be without the system for awhile.

3) Again, drop kick the console into a trashcan, but instead of buying a new one, sell all my xbox 360 games, buy a PS3 and pick up some new ps3 games.

4) just shove 360 in a closet and give up gaming and just pick my nose and take up booger flinging as a hobby to pass the time away.

Any suggestions?

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