Posted: April 7, 2010 in All about ME!
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I am sitting here fighting with my internet connection, which for some reason does not want me to enjoy the magic of the interweb! While doing this I am also staring out my bedroom window, and I am noticing that it’s quite cloudy out there. Really cloudy as a matter of fact! Not scattered clouds, or those cute little fluffy white clouds that sometime resemble hippity-hop bunnies. Not even those pretty stretched out white clouds that when you look up at you bet there are angels up there just playing their harps and polishing their halos!

No! These are hard-core kick your ass and spit on your corpse kinda clouds! The doom and gloom clouds you see rolling toward the camera in movies like Witches of Eastwick, Lord of the Rings and Warlock!

I imagine these clouds will be bringing rain, wind and thunder. Now, the rain I don’t mind. In fact, I am hoping for a good soaking! Living in the desert, located in the armpit of california, we could use the water! The wind I can do without though, as wind and rain combined usually means I end up without power for hours on end. Which may even have something to do with my current internet issues now that I think about it! So, wind is bad. Thunder is bad too. You know, cause it’s scary.

So, basically yea! Thats pretty much it. That was just my way of saying “Looks like rain.”


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