Dangers of Hotdogs

Posted: April 3, 2010 in All about ME!
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It’s been said “You learn something new everyday, and if you don’t you’re being cheated.”, and it’s true! Not a day goes by where I don’t learn SOMETHING. Granted, it’s not always a huge or epic life altering discovery, but it’s still something new to me.

However, there are days when I learn or discover something of great significance. Like today for instance, I learned something that will change my life forever, and I am going to share this discovery with you.

Today, I was eating a hotdog and while eating I saw something that I thought was funny. It was a cat actually, outside my house doing that stalking thing that cats do, because they feel it makes them invisible to anything. What made it funny, was it was a bright white cat hiding in some grass. He was clearly visible, I mean you could spot him from 2 blocks away. so, I spotted this scene just as I was finishing a bite of my hotdog, and just as I was swallowing. The event caused me to let out a slight chuckle.

This is where the discovery comes in people! So, start paying close attention.

I chuckle. Not loud, just a slight chuckle. I am then shocked to find that I have bits of hotdog falling out of my nose! As I am sure you can imagine, that this was not a pretty sight! Not only was it not a pretty sight, it also hurt quite a bit too!

Now, obviously I have laughed other things out through my nose. Things like milk and even soda. Which I would like to also mention, laughing soda through your nose burns like hell. However! I thought this “Nasal Flowage” for lack of a better term only occured with liquidy type substances. However, I thought wrong, and learned to my misfortune that this occurance can also happen with solid foods!

So, my lesson for the the day is this: “Never eat and look at something funny and if you truly must prepare for a surprise from the deepest pits of your nostrils! Learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them!!!


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