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Posted: April 1, 2010 in All about ME!
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[Happy Cows come from California]

April Fools day is here!

Some of you might be surprised to learn, that April Fools day used to be my favorite “holiday”! I loved pulling pranks on people and just being a total dumbass, and of course making others look like a bigger dumbass than me! Ah! Those were the days!

One of my all time favorite gags was actually quite simple. You see, I would call up someone I knew such as a friend or a family member and inform them that earlier that day I had to call the police and in turn they had to contact animal control because there was a cow in my front yard.

It sounds totally stupid right? However, you would be surprised about how many people would fall for it, which was funny in its self because there are no  nearby “cow-farms” around here. Actually, now that I think of it there’s now farms in general around here! True there are people who have chickens and the sort, but I would hardly call that a farm.

I suppose people fell for it because of it’s simplicity really. If you think long and hard about it, calling someone up and going; “Oi! There’s a cow in my yard!” isn’t a very elaborate joke. So, they fell for it, and then I cried out “April Fools!”

That gag has become a running joke now. Every april fools Pretty much the only joke I tell is the one about the cow in my yard. Sure, nobody ever falls for it nowadays, but its still funny and just hearing it usually gets a chuckle or two.


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