[Captain Janeway]I’ve recently been watching old episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. I actually prefer Voyager over DS:9, TNG, ST:E or even OST. Im not sure why Voyager appeals to me more than other trek shows, but it does never the less.

Although sometimes in the series, they do something that strikes me as odd. Take for instance the first season episode entitled “Faces”. In the end, they rescued their crew, and they beamed them all out. What happened with all the other slave in the mines? I wouldn’t think they would just leave them there. However, that’s how it would seem. Nothing to say otherwise, no mention of the slaves being rescued, no end of the episode “Captains Log”. Nothing.

That doesn’t really sound right, and on that episode in particular, I think the writers really dropped the ball, unless of course they were leaving it open for a future episode. I don’t know.


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