[Sam Fisher]So, the demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction came out on the xbox 360 the other day. Obviously I downloaded it, and it was incredible! I can’t wait til the game is released next month! Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying the game is perfect. The gameplay COULD have been better. I preferred the gameplay from past splinter cell titles, so this style will definitely take some getting used to.

One thing I did miss however was being able to pick up and move unconscious people so you can drag them into the shadows. This game, from what I saw didn’t allow that. I could be wrong though of course! The demo isn’t very long, it’s just enough to give you a taste of the game. Which despite the gameplay style, tasted REALLY good!

One of the best things about the game though is the graphics. I mean, they are incredible! Plus everything is so smooth, and the stylised lighting just improves it all! I’m telling you the game looks so good, that it’s beyond Jaw Dropping! It’s Jraw Dopping! I just made that up! See, it’s like so Jaw Dropping, that you can’t even pronounce it right, cause you are so mesmerised by it, and also because your jaw is laying on the ground and dragging behind you while you are walking about in this dazed overwhelmed confusion trying to tell people how totally AWESOME the game looks.

Yes, I did say Awesome. You got a problem with my retro way of speaking pallie?


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