Star Trek Online

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Gaming, MMORPGs
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[My Star Trek Online Character]Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a total geek, and also that I am a major online gamer. These two traits are what led me to try games like Star Wars Galaxies and The Matrix Online. All of which left me very disappointed.  Although those two traits also led me to try Lord of the Rings online, which I am not at all ashamed to say that I truly do love, and the people that I have convinced to try it with me, have fallen in love with it.

The point is, I love the idea of games built on the backs of established  franchises, however those games rarely work out! Needless to say when I first heard of Star Trek Online, I knew right away that I was going to be trying this game, and I also knew i probably wasn’t going to enjoy it, and that I was going to regret buying it. I all this before it was even released!

The game is then released. I decided to hold off on getting it, because as I said I knew it wasn’t going to be enjoyable to me. Also, other games like Mass Effect 2 were coming out, and quite honestly? Mass Effect games take priority over any other games coming out. However, after I finished ME2 and had no other games to really play except old unfinished games, I decided to go ahead, bite the bullet and get STO.  I went ahead and actually bought the game from direct2drive for instant gratification, plus if you bought it from there you got some in-game weird wonky personal shield contraption unit thingie. I then installed it, and began playing it, and after awhile I realised that i was 100% correct! The game stunk like a skunk caught in a sweathouse! I then turned it off, and went off playing Secondlife, since that is actually a game that I do enjoy.

That was my first impression! However, I didn’t uninstall it. Call it fate, call it karma, call it pure laziness! Whatever you call it, the fact remains, that I most certainly did not uninstall it. A few days pass and I am bored, Nobody I know is on Second Life and I have finished all my good games. I then remember, that STO is still installed on my hard drive. It also still has it’s initial free gametime. It’s there, it’s not going to cost me and I am bored! So, I log in and play it a little bit more. Then it hits me, the game is actually kind of fun. The begining is slow and boring, but as you move along the game gradually pulls you in, and it’s like you are becoming tangled up in this epic Star Trek world! In fact as time went on the game went from kind of fun to freaking great!

So, I continued playing I thought I had only been playing for 30 mins, an hour at best. Then I noticed the clock. To my surprise I had been playing for 4 and a half hours! Not only that, but I litterally had to FORCE myself to quit playing. This is one of the better franchise games I have ever played, though in all honesty, it doesnt hold a candle to LotRO, but that’s not surprising.

What I am saying here is, that if you are a trek fan, or a sci-fi fan in general, you REALLY should look into the game! You won’t be disappointed! Now, there’s no DEMO or TRIAL currently available, however if you are someone I know, and you are wanting to check it out, let me know, because STO does allow me to send out a 5 day buddy key or buddy pass or something like that. It lets you trial the game for 5 days!

  1. linda says:

    i would like 2 try the sto befor i pay for the game but cant find away could you send me a buddy key ? thank you

  2. linda says:

    i like ur web page

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