sometimes a cigar is just a cigar

Posted: March 2, 2010 in All about ME!, General
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It has recently come to my attention, that some people (Whose names shall not be mentioned) may read my blog, notice I have posted the lyrics to a song, and assume that since this is for the most part a personal blog, that the lyrics I post are somehow connected to me and my life on a personal level. They may then read too much into that assumption.

Fact of the matter is, I post lyrics of songs that for various reasons are currently stuck in my head. For instance, I posted the lyrics to Devils Haircut by Beck, and this song had NOTHING to do with my activities on the day I posted it! In fact, I am not even really sure what the song means, since it all seems totally non-sensical to me. The tune however is catchy, and I heard it on the radio and it stuck in my head.

Another case in point, I recently posted the lyrics to the song tempted. Now, this has nothing to do with me on a personal level, I didn’t post it as a jab to anyone, because honestly, that would be fucked up. I posted it, because it was stuck in my head! It’s that simple! I’ll tell you why it was stuck in my head. Also recently I have mentioned how since I had beaten Mass Effect 2, that I was going to focus a bit on playing GTA: Vice City. Needless to say, I did start playing it some more, and one of the songs that play on the games built in “radio stations” is the song tempted, and for some reason it seems to be playing everytime I turn it to the emotion station. Because of that, the song has been stuck in my head, and there the lyrics were posted. Plain and simple.

Just saying!


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