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[Mail truck]It’s been recently announced that the U.S. Mail, starting next year, the U.S. post office will cut Saturdays from their delivery days. Meaning, weekends will be mail free, and we will only receive mail five days a week, as opposed to the six days that we are used to.

This bums me out slightly, I mean, I rarely ever use mail. In fact, I couldn’t tell you when the last time I bought a stamp was, But I do order items and packages, and I do subscribe to netflix. It’s nice to be able to receive those things on Saturdays! I will miss that!

However, if that’s how they want to handle things, cutting delivery down to five days a week, then fine. However I think they would save money by keeping saturday deliveries and eliminating Mondays. How so you ask? Well, because it seems like every other monday the mail doesn’t run to begin with, due to some holiday. The Postal delivery people still get paid on those days. Holiday time, but if they didn’t work on those days normally, they wouldn’t need to be paid on those days!

However, if they absolutely MUST get rid of Saturday deliveries, will this mean that they will take off less holidays? That to me would make sense, or at least decrease the cost of stamps!


Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves, some have multiple somethings that they don’t like about themselves. Take yours truly for example. There’s a few things that I don’t exactly like about myself. Several small little pieces of me that could stand to be improved. I’m not perfect, although I am pretty damn close!

No, seriously. Stop laughing. I am pretty damn close!

That’s beside the point anyway, so feel free to laugh all you like. The point of this entry is focusing on the fact that I am not perfect. However, despite the flaws, I am content, and capable of dealing with it and be happy with who I am. However, there is a side of me that I not only dislike, but that I totally despise! It’s a darker side of my personality, that I had thought that I managed to destroy. Turns out, all I managed to do was bury it over really well.

The Darker side which I am talking about is my Jealousy. I thought I had eliminated it from my life, simply because I haven’t felt jealous for a good couple years. However, recently the green eyed monster has begun raising it’s head back up into my life. This disgusts me, because I hate the feeling of jealousy. It litterally makes me sick to my stomach.

So, why is it suddenly back after not being around in such a long time? I wish I could answer that. I suppose there are a dozen possible reasons. I just wish that in the end, that these feelings of jealousy weren’t part of who I am, and I hope I can eventually purge them from my personality.

[Captain Janeway]I’ve recently been watching old episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. I actually prefer Voyager over DS:9, TNG, ST:E or even OST. Im not sure why Voyager appeals to me more than other trek shows, but it does never the less.

Although sometimes in the series, they do something that strikes me as odd. Take for instance the first season episode entitled “Faces”. In the end, they rescued their crew, and they beamed them all out. What happened with all the other slave in the mines? I wouldn’t think they would just leave them there. However, that’s how it would seem. Nothing to say otherwise, no mention of the slaves being rescued, no end of the episode “Captains Log”. Nothing.

That doesn’t really sound right, and on that episode in particular, I think the writers really dropped the ball, unless of course they were leaving it open for a future episode. I don’t know.

I list

Posted: March 24, 2010 in Quizzes
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01) i hurt: whenever I get punched in the nose.
02) i love: Karen.
03) i hate: very few people
04) i cry: whenever i continue to get punched in the nose.
05) i fear: most dogs and spiders. Especially spider-dogs!
06) i hope: I will one day become famous.
07) i sadden: when someone says they are gonna punch me in the nose.
08) i feel: kinda hungry.
09) i kill: Spiders and enjoy every minute!
10) i talk: About games.
11) i listen: to my Animals, but they rarely have anything to say.
12) i break: whatever I touch.
13) i see: my reflection in the monitor as I fill out this survey.
14) i smell: someone BBQing way too early.
15) i taste: pretty yummy, or so the mosquitoes think.
16) i work: hard at being a the worlds most famous guy.
17) i remember: very little.
18) i hold: my pants up sometimes cause they can be baggy.
19) i hide: my nose whenever someone wants to punch it.
20) i pray: that my nose wont get punched.
21) i walk: as little as possible.
22) i drive: only when I absolutely have to.
23) i read: Comic books, and that’s OK.
24) i burn: nothing, but money burns a whole in my pocket.
25) i breathe: a lot.
26) i play: Star Trek Online and Secondlife. Yanno, cause im a geek.
27) i miss: Karen pretty much all the time!
28) i touch: things with signs that say “Do not touch”
29) i want: people to stop punching me in the nose.
30) i wish: I were famous.
31) i know: how much wood, a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
32) i said: please don’t punch me in the nose!
33) i dream: about going to bed and having a dream.
34) i have: a dislike for being punched in the nose!
36) i fall: whenever I get punched in the nose.
37) i wait: til 8:00PM before expecting to watch anything good on TV.
38) i need: Karen.
39) i live: on Earth (A small blue little planet in the sol system)
40) i die: very rarely! In fact, I plan on dieing even LESS in the future, cause that’s how I roll yo.

[Sam Fisher]So, the demo for Splinter Cell: Conviction came out on the xbox 360 the other day. Obviously I downloaded it, and it was incredible! I can’t wait til the game is released next month! Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying the game is perfect. The gameplay COULD have been better. I preferred the gameplay from past splinter cell titles, so this style will definitely take some getting used to.

One thing I did miss however was being able to pick up and move unconscious people so you can drag them into the shadows. This game, from what I saw didn’t allow that. I could be wrong though of course! The demo isn’t very long, it’s just enough to give you a taste of the game. Which despite the gameplay style, tasted REALLY good!

One of the best things about the game though is the graphics. I mean, they are incredible! Plus everything is so smooth, and the stylised lighting just improves it all! I’m telling you the game looks so good, that it’s beyond Jaw Dropping! It’s Jraw Dopping! I just made that up! See, it’s like so Jaw Dropping, that you can’t even pronounce it right, cause you are so mesmerised by it, and also because your jaw is laying on the ground and dragging behind you while you are walking about in this dazed overwhelmed confusion trying to tell people how totally AWESOME the game looks.

Yes, I did say Awesome. You got a problem with my retro way of speaking pallie?

Well, it LOOKS like this time the game Splinter Cell Conviction might actually get released. It’s spent the last few years getting pushed back, and to be honest I doubted it would ever see the light of day! Although it looks like THIS time it might actually do it! Apparently a Splinter Cell: Conviction demo will be released on Xbox live on the 18th of this month, and since that’s planned, it might actually NOT get pushed back this time around.

Now I am really excited!


Before Tim became the drunken Video Game Junkie that he is today, he was a typical student.

Ok, well he WAS a student, which is proven by his yearbook photo!