Alien Vs. Predator demo

Posted: February 5, 2010 in Gaming
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Good news every peoples! The Aliens Versus Predator demo was released on the Xbox marketplace. It’s a multiplayer demo, so gives you a good idea on how this title will play.

I have been looking forward to this game for awhile, and anxious to pick it up the day the title is released, so when I saw the demo on the marketplace I did a little dance and got down with my badself. I then sat back down, and proceeded to begin the download. The wait wasn’t long, but it seemed like forever. I sat there with visions of acid blood and thermal vision dancing in my head.

Then, the download was complete and I fired the demo up. Apparently not as many people were as excited about the demo as me, since it took a good 15 mins for me to find a match. Then, a match was found, and the deathmatch begun! All my anticipation, my hopes, my everything totally dashed to pieces! The game played like crap! It looked even worse! I realise it’s a demo, and not based on the final released product, but come on! This stunk royally! It was bad enough to make me decide to NOT get the game when it comes out at least. I can wait a few months til it reaches the bargain bins.

It’s a pity really, because I played and loved both the Alien Vs. Predator games on the PC as well as the Atari Jaguar. Those games, for their time were incredible! I had such high hopes for this! My Predator fanboyishness dreams now totally in the crapper. Hey, at least I have Mass Effect 2 to keep me occupied til the new splinter cell game is released sometime this month! 😀


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