Condoms Become a TV star!

Posted: January 27, 2010 in 80's Flashback, Hollywood spotlight!
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[Happy Willy - The Magical Condom]The 80’s brought the world many things! Clint Eastwoods Dirty Harry Character, a cat eating alien named ALF, Egyptian Walking and MTV. However the most epic thing from the 80’s is probably the worlds first condom commercial! That’s right! The date was November 13th, the year was 1987, 5 months after Regan addressed the AIDs issue.

Now, this commercial only aired on the BBC, because us American types are prudes. America didn’t pull it’s head out of the ground and start with the schlong sock ads until 1991, during an episode of Hermans Head on FOX.

The 80’s though is when the condom got it’s first taste of television stardom!


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