[MacGyver Season 1 DVD case]There used to be a show on television way back when called MacGyver. The show was basically about this guy named, MacGyver(Played by Richard Dean Anderson) who managed to get himself out of pretty much any situation using his brains! MacGyver never used a gun, at least in the way you would expect. Apparently guns do a lot more than just shoot out bullets.

This show was on in the 80’s, though had a long run on the USA Network in the form of re-runs! The show had a rather large following, and even if you have never seen the series, it’s a pretty safe bet you have heard of MacGyver in some form.

So, why was MacGyver so special? To begin with, he managed to get out of any situation by making gizmos using whatever items were lying around. These Gizmos later got dubbed MacGyverisms, which is a term still used on occasion today.

Now, I haven’t seen this show in YEARS, not since it was airing on USANetwork, and I was just a wee little tyke then. I didn’t fully grasp how cool the show was until I got older and looked back at shows from my past and thought Jesus christ, that show kicked ass!’ Now, I want to see them all again, that’s just how cool the series really was!

As I said though, I was much younger when I originally watched this series. So, I don’t remember a lot. Many aspects of the series are fuzzy. Take For instance, The Phoenix Foundation! I know MacGyver used to work there, but I have no idea what it was! Was it a government based shadow organisation? Was it an independent contractor? A mercenary group? I’m not sure! Maybe someone who stumbles across this entry will know.

What I DO remember from the show however is this: There is no problem on this planet that can not be solved with duct tape, fertilizer, swiss army knife, Pack of Chewing gum and a paper clip. No kidding! If you ever watched this show, you would know this!

Lastly, and only loosely based on the series. I never could figure out why MacGyver wasn’t taken and turned into a Computer game. I mean, MacGyver would fit in PERFECTLY to a Sierra style point and click adventure title. I mean, that’s what MacGyver does! Go around, gather common items, use them together to form uncommon items and then use the uncommon item, in an uncommon way to solve a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. See? PERFECT Point and Click inventory based adventure game.


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