Somethings should be remade!

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Gaming
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[They should remake em]Recently I have started digging around through my old Xbox video game titles, playing games like Jade Empire, and Knights of the Old Republic along with a handful of other titles that I have enjoyed over the years.

While rummaging through all my old game titles I came across Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which is part 2 of the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy. Obviously, I decided to play it, then decided to play Grand Theft auto 3 and San Andreas as well. These games still are quite fun, despite being several years old. My only problem with the games is that the controls are pretty much crap. I even remember thinking that at the time. They just didn’t work the way they should! Targeting was a pain in the ass, Driving a pain in the ass, The fact that you couldn’t pan your camera around was annoying as all fuck. I hated that you had to spin your actual character around to look about the place, or end up going into first person view mode.

That was all crap. The stories however? Well, they were more mission based and the structure was a bit off. It still was a great story! This got me to thinking which doesnt happen very often. I know usually I am against remakes. However in this case, I believe Rockstar should Remake the Grand Theft Auto 3 Trilogy using the euphoria engine as well as some kick ass graphics.

At the VERY least re-release it with the same graphics, enhanced controls to make it more user friendly, and sell it through the Playstation Network and Xbox Marketplace. This would probably be less problematic I would assume, and it would give people a chance to experience the game trilogy that seemed to cause so much controversy but now would probably be considered laughly tame. Plus, people like me, who own the game and love the game, would but it simply for the enhanced controls.

Although I would REALLY love to see a complete remake.


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