Tumble in the tub

Posted: December 28, 2009 in All about ME!
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So, I woke up Christmas morning, fresh from visions of sugar plumbs dancing in my head, and partridges doing the funky chicken in pear trees. As I have said before, Christmas isn’t that big of a deal to me, so I slept in, because I enjoy my sleep! I woke up, and did what I always do, and that was take my morning shower.

It started out well enough, the water was hot, which felt great because the rest of the house was actually quite cold. So, obviously the hot water felt great! So, I enjoyed the hot water of the shower and continued to shower Like I always do. However that morning my wonderful shower came to a crashing halt, and I mean that quite literally.

You see, the shower floor got extremely slippery because when I shower I use Shampoo, Soap and body wash. All this tends to make the tiles of my shower slippery on occasion. Much like it did on Christmas morning. So, I was showering and suddenly slipped! It may sound exciting, like some extreme sports version of slip and slide, but I assure you that it was not exciting. I reached out to grab the shower curtain in an attempt to stop myself from toppling. It did not work. What did happen however was I continued to fall, and ended up pulling the shower curtain and shower curtain rod down on top of me. The rod ended up landing right on my head and smacking down on my shoulder.

At the time of the “Incident” I was fine, I even laughed about it. Aside from a red mark on my shoulder where the shower rod smacked me, there was no sign that anything happened, and I felt great. I went about my day as I normally would, and everything was fine. Until I went to bed and woke up the next morning. My shoulder is hurting, and has a big ol’ bruise. My thighs burn, I think I must have torn a muscle or something and for some reason my hips hurting. I’m not sure exactly why, but never the less it is.

That has resulted in my slight grumpiness.

Maybe I shouldn’t have grabbed for the shower curtain, but to be quite honest, I got slightly scared. See, the mother of one of my friends died from slipping in the shower. She ended up breaking her neck, and that’s not how I want to go out of this world. I mean, think about it from my perspective. If I am in the shower, and I slip and end up getting myself killed. I will be wet from the shower, and would probably be slippery when they are getting me out of there. and then I’ll just end up slipping all over the place! On top of that, I am a single man, and I live alone. This means it would be a couple hours before someone knew I was dead. Which means I could end up getting all water logged and soggy. Can you imagine it? A naked soggy man slipping and sliding all over the place? Humiliating!

So, yea I got paranoid when I fell, tried to catch myself, and in doing so I probably made it worse.


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