Christmas Eve

Posted: December 24, 2009 in All about ME!, Gaming
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It’s Christmas eve today. To some people that’s also kinda like christmas, since quite a few people have their dinners on christmas eve, and even MORE people open their gifts on christmas eve. So, to those people, enjoy your day!

So, what am I doing today? The day before Christmas? Well, I was gifted an apparently ultra-shitty internet connection, which is causing me to be unable to play Secondlife, so that’s kind of fucked up. I connect to the server, and about 3 seconds pass and i’m booted out. God, my internet pisses me off. I don’t know if it’s the weather causing it, or just my cabel provider being shitty. It does that occasionally. So, Aside from getting pissed at the internet what am I doing?

Well, I did try and play Grand Theft Auto 3 on my old xbox system, because I never finished that game back in 2001, when i first got it. I put the game in, did a few missions and then I realised something. I have no fucking clue how to aim or lock my weapon onto someone. I know there’s got to be a way, so I will figure that out. The manual doesn’t give any information. Maybe i should play Vice City instead. That was funner if I recall, simply because it took place in the 80’s.

Other than the above I haven’t really been doing much, although I am sure I will do something. Oh, I know something I need to do, I need to go to the bathroom, so bye! 😀


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