Villains Spotlight

Posted: December 22, 2009 in Hollywood spotlight!, Tv is good
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[Classic badguy]Hollywood has created some incredible things. It has bestowed upon the masses everyting from historic recreations to epic end of the world disasters(And of course let’s not forget several zombie plagues) but in the end their villains seem to always lack something. They just aren’t effective!

I mean, correct me if I am wrong here, but I always got the impression that hollywood badguys were supposed to be the ultimate criminals? I mean why else would James Bond, MacGyver or Spider-Man have to be the one to throw down with these Maestros of crime? If so, If they are considered to be Top of the Food chain in the underworld criminal empire, then why do they always suck so badly when it comes to killing their nemesis? Why after managing to knock their enemy out, do they decide to strap their foe into some time delayed killing device? Something like a Car crushing machine, a burning rope hanging over a container of molten liquid or a time bomb strapped to a chair? Why in the name of crime do they do that? Then, to make matters worse, apparently their schedule is so busy that they have to leave the goodguy there alone, because CLEARLY their plan is so fool proof that the hero will die!

Of course in the end, the hero of the tale does manage to get free(Surprise!) and then foil mister baddies plans.

Does any of that sound like something that someone who is supposed to be considered the ultimate evil would do? Seriously? They are top shelf bad guys, yet their method for killing sucks! I mean, the common thug has a better kill ratio than the super dudes. I mean thugs will just shoot the good guy in the face. See? Problem solved, not much chance of him freeing himself, and it’s much quicker, which would give the evil dude more time to make his rounds and reach his appointments, cause as we all know, bad guys always have appointments and are very very busy!


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