Posted: November 25, 2009 in All about ME!, Gaming
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You can add Tropico 3 to my previous list of activities keeping me busy! I friggin love Tropico 3, which is odd considering I disliked the previous Tropico games with a passion. Tropico 3 however? It’s the same basic concept, but the game has been enhanced on so many levels! The controls have been improved, the graphics CLEARLY have been vastly improved, and the game has smooth rotations. The previous Tropico games didn’t really have a smooth rotation, you rotated and it was like your view just automatically switched to that angle, where as in Tropico 3 the camera actually pans and turns which to me gives it a more realistic feel! I love being a dictator in Tropico 3! 😀 

Don’t get me wrong, Tropico fever hasn’t managed to pull me away from the other batch of games i’ve been hooked on, but it has certainly managed to keep me up late at night on my laptop when I thought “Hey, maybe I’ll just play a quick sandbox game of tropico 3 before falling asleep.” and then next thing I know hours have passed and my Tropico island has become this huge thriving country, and then I pause and think “Hey! Speaking of thriving countries, I think I should play some modern warfare 2” and then the next thing you know i’m totally without sleep. It’s a vicious cycle I tell you! A fun cycle, but a vicious one none the less!


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