PS2 still in the running? WTF?

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Gaming
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playstation2logoI have just found out that games for the Playstation 2 are being produced! This actually comes as a huge shock to me, as I assumed that they quit making Playstation 2 games years ago! I know they quit making Xbox titles soon after the 360 came out, and I just assumed the same happened with the PS2. This however is NOT the case, they are still making games for the PS2! Not just crappy games either, Top titles! For instance Marvel Ultimate Alliance? One of the hottest Role playing titles to come out within the last few months? It was also released on the PS2!

This has entirely changed my opinion on Sony and their Playstation gaming systems. They actually seem to CARE about their customer base, and realise not all their customers can afford a PS3(Or may not want to, since their PS3 slim wont allow them to play Everquest adventurers). Taking that into consideration they contnued to produce games for this last gen gaming system, and you know what? the games don’t look half bad! In fact, the newer PS2 titles could be compared to their next gen counterparts.

I’ve even unhooked my xbox 360, and started playing my PS2 again. Even considering buying a PS3 now, due to this newfound respect that I have for Sony. If their systems still allowed you to play PS2 games? I would buy a PS3 tomorrow without a second thought. As it is, the idea of a PS3 is tempting.

Wii on the other hand? I laugh in your general direction!


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