CSI: It’s not just a series.

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Gaming
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csiYou know that Series that’s all kinds of crazy popular and has all those spin-offs? No, not Law & Order! I am talking about CSI. Here’s a fun fact for you. I have never watched an episode of this series, and only a couple episodes of one of it’s spin-offs. CSI:NY, and only that because it featured an online game I play called Secondlife. The episode was pretty lame, and I hope to god they aren’t all that bad!

That being said, while I have not watched the series, I have played most of the games. I love the games as a matter of fact! Though I’m not sure what genre of game they would fit into, I am guesing either adventure or hidden object games?  Either way, the games are fun as hell, and puts you in the role of a rookie CSI. The only problem I have with the games, is that they are short. Incredibly short! Though, they are quite fun!

Now, the games I played weren’t the PC releases. I played the versions that were released on various consoles, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. So, I sat today thinking, I would like to try some of the other game versions that are out on the PC. Like CSI: NY – The Game, and CSI: Miami – The Game, however they are older titles, and I don’t know if they will run on a Vista O/S. Which is a shame because I *REALLY* want to try these games out! 😡


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