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Well, today is Turkey Day, also known as Thanksgiving day. At least it is for us Americans. It’s the day where we can all sit back, toss a buncha food down our throats, unzip our pants to make room for the expanded belly and just sit back and relax. I think also giving thanks or being thankful is supposed to be in there somewhere as well, but don’t quote me on that.

In any event if you are one of those peoples who celebrate Thanksgiving then Happy turkey day to you! If you aren’t one of those people who celebrate Turkey day then, happy Thursday to you!



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You can add Tropico 3 to my previous list of activities keeping me busy! I friggin love Tropico 3, which is odd considering I disliked the previous Tropico games with a passion. Tropico 3 however? It’s the same basic concept, but the game has been enhanced on so many levels! The controls have been improved, the graphics CLEARLY have been vastly improved, and the game has smooth rotations. The previous Tropico games didn’t really have a smooth rotation, you rotated and it was like your view just automatically switched to that angle, where as in Tropico 3 the camera actually pans and turns which to me gives it a more realistic feel! I love being a dictator in Tropico 3! 😀 

Don’t get me wrong, Tropico fever hasn’t managed to pull me away from the other batch of games i’ve been hooked on, but it has certainly managed to keep me up late at night on my laptop when I thought “Hey, maybe I’ll just play a quick sandbox game of tropico 3 before falling asleep.” and then next thing I know hours have passed and my Tropico island has become this huge thriving country, and then I pause and think “Hey! Speaking of thriving countries, I think I should play some modern warfare 2” and then the next thing you know i’m totally without sleep. It’s a vicious cycle I tell you! A fun cycle, but a vicious one none the less!

Dragon Age: Origins

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I know, I have ignored my wee little blog for awhile. Why is that? Well, the answer is I have been EXTREMELY busy. I haven’t even had a whole lot of time to get on the computer at ALL. The source of my busyness? Well, That would be my xbox 360. You see, a buttload of games have been coming out, and not the standard crappy games either. Games like Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2 and Dragon Age! You can’t just ignore these games when they are released. You must hug them and embrace them and love them and show them the proper attention they deserve.

So, can I really be blamed for my recent disappearance? I think not! On the bright side, I should be burning out soon on the games, which will result in my attention being turned BACK toward my computer. However, if anyone REALLY misses me, I do still Twitter on a daily basis, several times a day, because Twitter can be accessed through Xbox Live! Plus, if you don’t want to go hunting me down on twitter, remember I have my twitter posts displayed here on my blog toward the bottom of the right hand section.

See? Now nobody has to have Shaide withdrawls!

Only tipsy!

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only tipsyThis Comic strip has no basis in reality, not all the strips are based on true stories, just a good number of em! 😀 I just thought this would be amusing. Hell, I haven’t even had and booze in well over a month. Currently bored of being drunk. Prolly won’t drink again until the boredom goes away and the novelty of being drunk returns.

csiYou know that Series that’s all kinds of crazy popular and has all those spin-offs? No, not Law & Order! I am talking about CSI. Here’s a fun fact for you. I have never watched an episode of this series, and only a couple episodes of one of it’s spin-offs. CSI:NY, and only that because it featured an online game I play called Secondlife. The episode was pretty lame, and I hope to god they aren’t all that bad!

That being said, while I have not watched the series, I have played most of the games. I love the games as a matter of fact! Though I’m not sure what genre of game they would fit into, I am guesing either adventure or hidden object games?  Either way, the games are fun as hell, and puts you in the role of a rookie CSI. The only problem I have with the games, is that they are short. Incredibly short! Though, they are quite fun!

Now, the games I played weren’t the PC releases. I played the versions that were released on various consoles, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360. So, I sat today thinking, I would like to try some of the other game versions that are out on the PC. Like CSI: NY – The Game, and CSI: Miami – The Game, however they are older titles, and I don’t know if they will run on a Vista O/S. Which is a shame because I *REALLY* want to try these games out! 😡

playstation2logoI have just found out that games for the Playstation 2 are being produced! This actually comes as a huge shock to me, as I assumed that they quit making Playstation 2 games years ago! I know they quit making Xbox titles soon after the 360 came out, and I just assumed the same happened with the PS2. This however is NOT the case, they are still making games for the PS2! Not just crappy games either, Top titles! For instance Marvel Ultimate Alliance? One of the hottest Role playing titles to come out within the last few months? It was also released on the PS2!

This has entirely changed my opinion on Sony and their Playstation gaming systems. They actually seem to CARE about their customer base, and realise not all their customers can afford a PS3(Or may not want to, since their PS3 slim wont allow them to play Everquest adventurers). Taking that into consideration they contnued to produce games for this last gen gaming system, and you know what? the games don’t look half bad! In fact, the newer PS2 titles could be compared to their next gen counterparts.

I’ve even unhooked my xbox 360, and started playing my PS2 again. Even considering buying a PS3 now, due to this newfound respect that I have for Sony. If their systems still allowed you to play PS2 games? I would buy a PS3 tomorrow without a second thought. As it is, the idea of a PS3 is tempting.

Wii on the other hand? I laugh in your general direction!

zombiepinupIt’s almost time to kiss this past year goodbye and to ring in a brand spanking new one! New year means lots of things to many people. To some, it’s a time to make new resolutions to break, and for others it’s a time where they can start fresh and forget about all the crap that’s been hounding them the previous year.

However, one thing will ALWAYS be true! With each new year, you need new calendars! What better Calander is there than Zombie pin-ups calendars? Sure, pin-ups are a dime a dozen, but undead ones? Not so common.

Lucky for you, it’s not as impossible as you might think to obtain such a zombierific calendar! I have stumbled upon a website that sells the little buggers! Perfect for any zombie fan!

Check out “My Zombie Pin up” to order yourself one, and to check out the zombie pin-up ladies from the rest of the year!