Twittering on Xbox

Posted: October 24, 2009 in Gaming
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Ok, so I am participating in the Xbox LIVE update Preview, and I must say I am loving it! It’s so incredible. Your Xbox console becomes three times more useful than it already was, and considering I think the Xbox and the Xbox LIVE service is incredibly useful, that says a lot! It adds Last FM to your console so you can just sit back and listen to some great tunes. It adds Zune to the Xbox, which I prefer to the standard Xbox Video market place. It also adds Twitter to your Xbox Live features! So, you can add or recieve tweets while yer on your Xbox gaming console! Pretty snazzy huh? If that wasn’t enough you can also use your Xbox to hook up to your facebook account and post your current status, or check your friends status..even browse their photos right from the comfort of your Xbox 360 Console.

Incredible? I agree! All it needs now is a built in Pizza ordering program so you can order pizza without stepping away from your Xbox, and then I could just plant myself in front of my TV and Xbox, and just live there!

There are some options I wish Xbox had of course, like it bugs me that you still cant talk to someone on your MSN contact list through Voice while on Xbox live. It limits you to just text messages which gets annoying after awhile, especially if you are trying to watch a video or play a game. I would also LOVE to see a built in Email reader. If Microsoft blended Hotmail into their service I would switch from Gmail back to hotmail without a second thought.

Also, of course an internet browser would be ULTRA cool, that’s one of the only thing that makes me envy PS3 owners. It’s not the few exclusive titles, in fact I think the exclusive titles pretty much suck on the PS3 and those kind of make me feel sorry for them. It’s not even the Blu-Ray! While that’s KIND of cool, it’s not a big deal. I am fine with DVD, hell I would be fine with VHS…If it’s a movie and it plays, im cool with it! Format doesn’t matter to me.

The ONLY thing I am envious of is that they have a web browser. I’m not sure how well it works, but it’s better than the Xbox one. You know, because Xbox doesn’t have one.


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