Big ol’ frickin spider!

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Game Guys
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spider quest

So, I came home the other day, got the lights turned on and started to head into the kitchen to make me a lufferly ham sammitch! I got about halfway across the living room, looked up into the corner, just above the door to the kitchen and there was this GIANT spider just staring at me, and I swear to god I think it was plotting! I think it had planned to leap down onto me when I made my way into the kitchen and then I believe it planned on devouring me!

Luckily my keen eyes spotted the eight legged monster in time, and I was able to slay the beast. Now, I didn’t use a sword, but only cause I had no sword handy! What I did use was a can of bug spray! It wasn’t even Spider spray! It was actually ant spray. I aimed and sprayed. The spider leaped onto the floor and I kept spraying. It did after awhile die, although I am not sure if the poison killed it, or if it drowned in the aforementioned poison. It was a rather large puddle, because I didn’t want to take chances.

The spider ended up dead, it’s corpse was then transported to the spider disposal unit(Also known as the toilet) and was properly disposed of. God I hate spiders!


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