Posted: October 13, 2009 in Game Guys, Tv is good
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Dexter stripDexter is like, the GREATEST show on Television right now. It’s original, which is an added bonus and it’s well written and has great acting which puts it over the top. They chose the PERFECT cast for this show. For instance, I don’t think anyone could pull the role of Dexter off better than Michael C. Hall! I mean, come on! He looks oh so normal, and yet…he also looks a little disturbed.  How perfect can you get?

Anyway! The new season of Dexter has started, and it’s off to a great start so far! I am extremely pleased thus far and am anxious to see how things play out. I should mention that this season John Lithgow is playing another serial killer in Dexters life. He too is really good at playing a disturbed person.

Anyway, it’s back on the air, though unfortunately for me, the night of the season premier a storm blew into town, and took out the cable lines in parts of town. Luckily however it wasn’t taken out ALL over town, and luckily for me, I had friends who have showtime <_<


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