SNL: The unwatched?

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Tv is good
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SNLDoes anyone actually still look forward to watching SNL? I mean, I know people watch it. There’s people in the audience, and even I watch it occasionally, but do people actually look forward to it coming on? Would you miss it if it were gone?

It seems like the show has gone severely downhill lately, and this season is no exception. The only reason I even still watch it, is because it’s on late at night and nothing else is on, because I have seen all the current Infomercials that tend to plague and clog the latenight cable lines. I however do NOT look forward to the show, and quite honestly, it’s been awhile since I have looked forward to it.

Back in the day I remember busting a gut laughing at skits and jokes. Now? I’m lucky if I chuckle once. I don’t even expect to laugh at the skits anymore. I’m more interested in seeing people slip up on their lines and spouting profanities on the air live. Now that’s more entertaining than the show is.


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