Left 4 Dead DLC

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Game Guys
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Leftfor Dead

Recently some new Downloadable Content became available on Xbox Live for what is one of my favorite games. The game is called Left 4 Dead, and as most of you know, it takes place during a Zombie apocalypse. You play one of 4 survivors and try to make your way to safety, blowing the heads off of any infected who come running at you. You can also play online with others as either a group of survivors, or a horde of flesh eating infected zombies.

So, anyway they recently released a couple new DLC items. Originally left4dead only had 2 of the 4 campaigns available in the online play modes. However in one DLC they unlocked the other 2. Which means more online playability which means more Yayness for me! On top of that, they also released a new campaign! Granted, the campaign is only 2 levels and is VERY short, but who’s going to complain? It’s more added zombie slaying goodness!

Needless to say these 2 DLC items has more than renewed my interest in Left 4 Dead, in fact I can’t bloody well stop playing!


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