Gaming and TV watchin’?

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Gaming, Tv is good, WWW and beyond!, xbox360
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xbox360logoI discovered a pretty damn keen program today called “PlayOn“! It’s easy to install, for the most part, and it will connect to your Xbox 360(or PS3 or Wii…or whatever your current generation of gaming system is) and allow you to watch Hulu on your TV through your gaming system. It will also stream YouTube, CBS, CNN, ESPN and your NetFlix view instantly video queue! Sound pretty cool right? Well, the program does cost, but there’s a free 14 day trial for you to check out to determine if this is your thing. Then, if you like it, just pay a small cost…less than the cost of a video game, and keep using it. That’s another good by the way, it’s one flat rate! It’s not subscription based like you might initially assume.

Now, some of the features are already made available through Xbox Live, such as the ability to watch your netflix view instantly queue. However many of the options are NOT available. So, it really is worth it. Definately something to check out at the very least.


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