She didn’t fall!

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Tv is good
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dancing-with-the-starsThis week I did something I have never done before, and most likely will never do again. It’s not anything exciting! I didn’t go shark jumping, bungee jumping or spelunking blindfolded. No! Nothing like that. Not even close! What I did do however is watch a reality show/contest thingie called “Dancing with the stars“. I am sure you have heard of it, as for some reason it’s a very popular series.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t get into this show. I honestly don’t see how it has lasted as many seasons as it has. I mean, why would you people watch this? Seriously? I mean, I hate watching people dance during plays, musicals or ice shows. Why the hell would it be any different if it’s celebs doing the dancing? Is there THAT many people out there who just can not get enough dancing? Seriously? There’s just not enough dancing in your life that you have this need to watch celebs foxtrot and salsa about for your entertainment?

I’m sorry, it was a snoozefest for me, although the salsa dances were kind of cool, but really that’s it. No enjoyment in the show for me.

Ok, if I am going to sit here and bash the show, and I knew before hand that I hate dancing, then WHY did I even bother watching it? Is that what you are asking yourself? Well, in case that is what you were asking yourself I will answer. The real reason I tuned into Dancing with the stars, is because, well quite honestly because one year someones false leg apparently fell off, or at least thats what I heard. So, clearly I wanted to see someone get embarassed. Mainly, I wanted to see if Kelly Osbourne would end up falling on her butt during a salsa dance. unfortunately she did NOT fall down, therefor i was robbed of my amusement for the evening.

Not only did she NOT fall down, she actually did pretty well too, although to be honest, I think the judges and her parents were exagerating how well she did to be honest. She was alright. Nothing more, certainly nothing to rave about like the judges were doing, and DEFINIATELY not a performance that would warrant the reaction her parents were giving her. I mean, come on! Mya was a thousand times better than kelly, and you sure as hell didn’t see the camera panning on any of her family crying and sobbing as she ran to her parents to hug them…I swear, Kelly seems like such a drama queen to me.

Anyway, show sucked and I wont watch it anymore.


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